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Winner Notification Plan Activated ☘ Response Needed site creator report

Prizeloot Official Communication Attn: rubelhossenranna72 $1,000 Visa Gift Card or $1,000 CashWINNER NOTIFICATION PLAN has been set, and we are now prepared to award a Guaranteed Prize to the Winner At The Upcoming Deadline... You may not realize this, but all too often in previous drawings, people don't submit their entries on time and miss out on winning. Make no mistake: A Guaranteed Prize will definitely be awarded. THIS IS IMPORTANT: You must respond by the entry deadline to ensure you will be verified as the rightful winner should your entry be the one selected on drawing day. Wouldn't you hate to pass up on this great prize - when a quick response right now could be all that stands between you and an incredible fortune? But, rubelhossenranna72, if all goes as you hope, Prizeloot will be delivering the winning prize to you shortly. So, click on a link in this email and submit your entries on Prizeloot. This will automatically put you in the runnning for the Guaranteed Grand …

🎁Winner's Check Req..Prize Pending🎁 site creator report

Attention: Dell Inspiron or $300 Check Prize is Pending Winner Identification Upon Selection of a $300 Cash Prize or Dell Inspiron Winner, Prizeloot will requisition the writing of a $300 Winner's Check. Our computers have confirmed that your name is on the final list of members receiving this notice and eligible to enter for a chance to win thisGuaranteed $300 Cash Prize. We're so excited about your chances to be selected as the winner, that I've been told to prepare to write a ...
$300.00 Winner's Check
with Your Name On It...

...and we will write this check to youprovided that you submit your Prizeloot entry before the deadline and are selected as the winner. Submit your entry for a unique chance to Win the $300 Winner's Check . Submit your entry, and if your name is the one drawn, we will in fact send that first Winner's Check to you. However, if you do not enter, you cannot win. Missing out on your chance to enter could be like forcing us to... Rip Up YOUR Winn…

🎁Official Award Notice🎁

Cash Prize Guaranteed - TODAY But You Are Out of The Running...
Unless We Receive Your Entry...
Award: Cash Prize -  Entry Needed Our computers have determined that YOU are Eligible to enter for a chance to Win a Prize in Today's Cash giveaway. Important: We need you to submit your entries on Prizeloot before tonite's deadline if you're interested in being a Cash Winner. I urge you to enter now, because if you don't rubelhossenranna72, then you cannot be a winner. We very much would like to send this Guaranteed Prize toyou - and we will if you submit your entries and are the winner. After the deadline(s), Prizeloot will select winners for each prize from all valid entries submitted.

Prizeloot, 100 Duffy Ave, 5th flr., Hicksville, NY 11801 You are receiving this message because you agreed to receive special contests
by email from Prizeloot. If you wish to no longer receive these special email offers,
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Whose Name On The Winner's Check❓

Confirm Needed For Tonight's Cash Prize  A New Guaranteed Prize is being handed out tonite, so please confirm that our records accurately show the correct spelling of your full and proper name - so we are sure how to correctly fill out the Winner's Check for any prizes you may win. You may have provided this previously, but we are in the final hours leading up to a Guaranteed Cash Prize being handed out. Each time we are getting ready to issue a new check to a new potential winner, we like to double-check that our info is correct...
Verification For: rubelhossenranna

If your information is already correct,that's great! Please select your name above and submit your Prizeloot entries for the this evening's Imminent Guaranteed Cash Prize giveaway.. 

If the information is not correct, please select here instead, then submit your entries. We will re-verify this info after the Winner Announcement if necessary.
Prizeloot, 100 Duffy Ave, 5th flr., Hicksville, NY 11801 You are rec…

Congress' Sneaky New Move Could Impact Seniors

Dear Reader,

WOW… if this doesn’t make your blood boil, nothing will…
Because Congress was really sneaky this time.
In the early morning hours of December 20, 2017, the Senate passed a new tax bill by a vote of 51-48.
I’m sure you heard about it in the news.
But here’s what the media did NOT cover…
At the last minute…
Right before passing the new law…
When the media wasn’t paying much attention…
They added a little-known provision known as Section 199A…
And it could have a huge impact on seniors across America.
If you were born before 1965, click here to see how it could affect you.
And hurry…
If you don't see this by Friday, February 15th you could regret it for the rest of your life.
You just have a few days to act.
Click here now.

Matt Insley

☎ Your Payment could be released

☎ Your Payment could be released
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settlement deposit

Dear Rubel,

We were recently notified that a settlement deposit may be pending for you at the attached site. Proceed there now and complete the listed directions to receive your payment.

Your Rep @ MyCommerceShop
Receive Your Settlement Payment
5 Tips For Dealing With The Winter Blues
It is well-known that many people suffer from mood changes in the depths of winter. Here are a few things you can try to help get you out of a winter funk.

How To Climb Out of Winter

Government Assistance Funds

Government Assistance Funds for Subel
This is our third attempt to contact you, Rubel.

Our records show that you may qualify for government assistance!Programs can help you with the following:

• Housing, Utilities, and Home Improvements
• Unemployment Assistance
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