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Confirm Needed For Tonight's Cash Prize 
A New Guaranteed Prize is being handed out tonite, so please confirm that our records accurately show the correct spelling of your full and proper name - so we are sure how to correctly fill out the Winner's Check for any prizes you may win. 
You may have provided this previously, but we are in the final hours leading up to a Guaranteed Cash Prize being handed out. Each time we are getting ready to issue a new check to a new potential winner, we like to double-check that our info is correct...

Verification For: rubelhossenranna

If your information is already correct,that's great! Please select your name above and submit your Prizeloot entries for the this evening's Imminent Guaranteed Cash Prize giveaway.. 

If the information is not correct, please select here instead, then submit your entries. We will re-verify this info after the Winner Announcement if necessary.

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