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Attention: Dell Inspiron or $300 Check Prize is Pending Winner Identification
Upon Selection of a $300 Cash Prize or Dell Inspiron Winner, Prizeloot will requisition the writing of a $300 Winner's Check.
Our computers have confirmed that your name is on the final list of members receiving this notice and eligible to enter for a chance to win thisGuaranteed $300 Cash Prize. We're so excited about your chances to be selected as the winner, that I've been told to prepare to write a ...

$300.00 Winner's Check
with Your Name On It...

...and we will write this check to youprovided that you submit your Prizeloot entry before the deadline and are selected as the winner.
Submit your entry for a unique chance to Win the $300 Winner's Check . Submit your entry, and if your name is the one drawn, we will in fact send that first Winner's Check to you. However, if you do not enter, you cannot win. Missing out on your chance to enter could be like forcing us to...
Rip Up YOUR Winner's Check and
Put Someone Else's Name On It!

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